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From disabilities to possibilities
From child to child
The Butterfly Basket

In VietNam we have met parents, caregivers and therapists who want education and knowledge about the development of a child with a disability. About how these children can be guided and/or treated. Why does the child responds like he does or why does the child not respond? How do you deal with that at that moment? How can you help the child with this? How can you stimulate or enhance development and skills? What kind of helping aids do I need for that and how do I use these? Often, the children have difficult to understand behavior. Knowledge about this is necessary. This way, the development of these children in the areas of senses, motorskills and communication can be made possible. Hereby, early intervention is of value and crucial.

We developed a homebased, family centered, practical program for parents. But especially for fieldworkers and therapists to support and guide the parents with. To reach these children through te people most close to them.

“The process of including a child with a disability in society as a whole begins with access to everyday experiences in the home setting, with parents and caregivers playing a central role. For children with disabilities, early intervention involving stimulation and interaction with parents soon after birth is essential to development. Like every other child, a child with disabilities has his or her own evolving capacities.” (Innocenti Digest No. 13 “Promoting the Rights of Children with Disabilities” Unicef)