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From disabilities to possibilities
From child to child
The Butterfly Basket
The children

A (severe) multiple disability means, that the child can have disabilities in several areas (physical, intellectual, sensory). Eat– and nutricion problems occur occasionally as well as epilepsy, spasticity, visual– and hearing problems.

The correlation between these problems intensify the complexity of the disabilities. Growing together of joints (contractures), understimulation, difficult to understand behavior for example crying a lot, screaming, self-harm, aversion to touch or sounds, tuned out in their own world, occur many times in surroundings in which the child is not involved in daily life and is overloaded with movement, sounds, touch, visual information that he or she does not understand.

A secure and stimulating surrounding through treatment and guidance is important. This way, the environment is less treathening for the child, the child can develop and gets enough time and input to be able to respond.

No matter how small the developmental steps are, there are steps these children can make. Development of capacities within the child increases wellbeing, decrease joint contractures and improve the interaction between the child and his or her surroundings and most important: the capability to participate in society and his or her environment in his or her way.